About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Overnight Oats and
Whole Foods

High-quality healthy options for your meals and snacks. Meals and snacks filled with nutritious whole foods and real fruits and vegetables. 

At SAGI Kitchen we aim to support you every step of your day. We do that by selecting the best quality suppliers, working in a high-standard hygienic kitchen, and delivering our fresh products to your doorstep as fast as we can.

We offer you the choice to be wise, every day.

Our Company

Presented with a world-wide pandemic in 2020,
we noticed the need to focus on our health.

Taking good care of our body, both inside and out, is where we started from. Eating nourishing foods, enough vitamins and minerals and moving every day. With SAGI Kitchen we developed a way to support our health, while living a busy life. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle, while living life to the fullest. Since we don’t want to keep this a secret, we are sharing this to you through our kitchen. 

 SAGI Kitchen aims to simplify your daily food choices, 
by offering you nutritious whole foods, meals and snacks.
Supporting your loved ones, your staff and your own health, every single day.

It’s simple. Be wise.

Our Founders

Our founders are based in Bandung (Indonesia
and are inspired to bring you the best nutritious products every day. 

Tomy Budi Sutisna​ Co-founder

Tomy Budi Sutisna


Gini Rahmat Permadi Co-founder

Gini Rahmat Permadi


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